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NT Dry

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NT Dry

Quick Overview

The first ever DRY approach to treating thrush

Safe and natural formula

Dusted on - no mess

Drys and kills the bacteria, even in deeply cracked heels


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NT Dry is the first ever DRY approach to unhealthy frogs and soles. It's safe and natural formula is dusted on with a thin-tipped squeeze bottle, which provides excellent coverage of the unhealthy area. The all-natural ingredients have been ground into a fine powder, which gives the best possible coverage and coats the area of infection. The complex blend of highly absorbent natural clays then absorb and dry the excess moisture in the hoof, thus firming up the tender frog and heel. Unlike wet products NT Dry is able to dry out and kill the bacteria even in deeply cracked heels, and unlike chemical products it is antibacterial without stinging and damaging the delicate frog tissue.

In the wet and muddy UK, every grooming kit should contain a bottle of NT Dry, for horses living in or out, for thrush prevention as well as treatment.

NT Dry works in the same way and is equally effective for other conditions such as cuts and abscesses, mud fever, white line disease and rain scald.

- Natural

- Food grade

- Safe and non harming

- Conforms to competition standards (will not test)

- Antibacterial

- Non messy

- Neutralises thrush odour

- Inexpensive