Check out the new Equine Fusion Dampening Pads! These great new pads have just been released by Equine Fusion and they are made from a specially designed rubber compound and so hold their shape well, with almost no deformation during usage.

They are only 4mm thick, which will be useful when your boots already fit fairly snugly and you don't want a thick pad. As the pads have been specifically designed for use in the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe Ultra, they are sized according to those boots and so come in 6 sizes, from size 10 - 15, in line with the boots. They come in pairs. Although they are more expensive than the other comfort pads I stock, as they sell for £18 a pair, they should last much longer.

There is no reason the pads can't be used in other boots, but they may not suit some boots in larger sizes as the largest Equine Fusion Dampening Pad, the size 15, only measures 145mm wide (at the widest point) by 150mm long, so it may be too small for some sizes of other boots.

If you are interested in trying the new pads, but are unsure if they will fit the size/type of boot you have, please don't hesitate to contact me on and I can check the sizing for you.