Cables fraying? Lost screws? Send us your hoof boots for a hoof boot service! We will thoroughly clean and check your hoof boots for wear, and then report back to you with details of any replacement parts required.

Where replacement parts are required, these will be offered with a discount of between 25%-40% (depending on the parts).

If, after discussing with you, we come to the conclusion the boots are beyond repair, the service cost will be deducted from the cost of a new, replacement pair of hoof boots, plus a further 10% discount will be applied to the new replacement pair.

This hoof boot service only applies to Renegade hoof boots, Easyboot Epics, Easyboot Grips, Easyboot Bare and Easyboot Edge hoof boots. We can also offer a hoof boot service for Boa hoof boots - this is a standard service and consists of a replacement lace and dial mechanism for each hoof boot, at the fixed price of £40 per pair of Boa hoof boots.

The cost of a hoof boot service is £30 per pair and this includes the return postage of the hoof boots to you.

Please go to our Hoof Boot Service product page, in the Parts and Accessories section, for more information. If you would like to contact us first to discuss the options before deciding on a service, the best way to contact us is by e-mail at