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About Hoof Bootique

We believe that keeping horses barefoot is a much healthier alternative to traditional shoeing methods and we stock a wide range of hoof boots to make it a real option for your horse. Our aim is to develop the site to supply everything you need to keep your horses’ hooves bare.

Hoof Bootique offers a high level of product support and guidance to our customers. Whether your horse has rock-crunching hooves but you like to keep a pair of hoof boots in reserve, or your horse is still wearing his metal shoes and you have just made the decision to go barefoot, we are here to help.

Our goal is to find the perfect hoof boot for you and your barefoot horse. We have the most popular boots in stock and can order in other boots especially for you. We’re here to help guide you throughout the entire process, from accurately measuring your horse’s hooves for the optimum hoof boot fit, to choosing, purchasing, using and maintaining your hoof boots. Boots are even available to hire, so you can try before you buy. Some of the boot ranges have a fit-kit or shell available for hire, so you can fit a number of different sized boots to your horse’s hoof before deciding on the best fit.

We have our own barefoot horse, Murphy Dunit, a 15.2hh Highland x TB gelding who has been barefoot for over 10 years. He is used as a guinea-pig for as many of our products as possible, along with some of his barefoot equine buddies, to give us first-hand experiences to pass on to our customers.

Hoof Bootique understands the commitment and work involved in keeping your horse barefoot. We have links to a number of sites with invaluable information and advice about natural hoof care and the importance of diet, environment, exercise and trim. A healthy hoof means a happy, healthy horse.

We welcome all feedback, about our products and customer service, and we are especially interested to hear about any relevant products that we don’t stock, and that you are interested in.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or via our contact us form here. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer a telephone service (due to family commitments) and are only able to deal with enquiries via e-mail. We hope to reinstate our telephone service soon.